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this is happening

this is happeningcops rush the students batons rising and falling like a demented thresher m...
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starve your poets

starve your poetsnot enough to kill them, their voices are vitalno, starve them just enough that...
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starstuffan atom drifted across the universe from the star of its birth alone and unknown until fi...
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punching down

punching down‘stop resisting,’ officers shout as they club a student in the head...
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photographselfie taken in his car staring into the camera eyes dull face grim and stillno hope, ...
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nostalgiai do not as a rule indulge in nostalgiai am much more interested in the things that n...
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the greatest tragedy

the greatest tragedyis not that we were together and then ...
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merakithere is no work of mine that does not have some part of me embedded within iti shed the...
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untitled tanka

untitled tankalast night’s storms have passed and i, i walk in the sun daydreaming of you how luck...
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ten years on

ten years oni wonderwhat an archaeologist of grief might say about the hole you left in m...
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