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cool prickly raindrops

cool prickly raindrops a chipmunk scurries away beads shine on flowers#haiku
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trembling bright green clover

trembling bright green clover a bee hovers above the wind stops#haiku
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sinking into the soft ground

sinking into the soft ground more birds singing than normal new clover sprouts#haiku
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a star appears close to earth

a star appears close to earth the sky blushes birds cheer them on#haiku
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stinging yet cool drops

stinging yet cool drops critters dash for cover nature’s thirst quenched#haiku
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a world of dew

https://i.ibb.co/2FJczm5/1.pnga world of dew, and within every dewdrop a world of struggle...
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snow-draped bug slumbers

snow-draped bug slumbers winter's hush a silent muse life rests cold and still#haiku
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the sky is drenched

the sky is drenched grey clouds in all directions a squirrel digs for food#haiku
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hazy still and wet

hazy still and wet a bird searches for crumbs brown leaves stuck together#haiku
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Haiku Season Words

https://www.thehaikufoundation.org/omeka/items/show/821An English translation of 500 essential hai...
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