The viper Of Judgement

the viper of judgement
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The viper lashes out at me
Tongue strikes my back
Unrelentless attack
Fangs in my brain
Venom of judgement making me insane
Judge from the day i was born
Till the day i die
Even when i comply
To your whimsy demands
and self- righteous morality
That my entire character is tied to
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The tongue strikes me
Till i am brought to my knees
I am nothing to you
But a tool
A sitcom, drama
Fuel for your ego

you make a web of lies and gossip
My misery is your entertainment
judgement is delivered
for everything i do
there is no pleasing you
you bring up the past
decades even
tear me apart
There has been judgement, not love
from the very start
You say you are christian
All that is  is a label
no substance

judgement, wrath, envy,
hatred, sloth and grudges
all of you are hypocritical judges
here is a verse for you
oh christian only in name
“For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged
and with the measure you use,
it will be measured to you.”
matthew 7:2

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no longer will you walk on me
I will be free