Slander (title WIP)

There are voices in my head
Sometimes they say I should be dead
There is nothing here for me
Except choking misery

Scrutiny, jealousy
Verbal lobotomy
From so-called family
Their words pierce my head
Tear out chunks
I wish I were dead

Lies and slander
Take a gander
My life lies before you
An open book to read
Not written by me

Who will you believe?

Maybe I should bleed
The pain will set me free
But then there won’t be
On earth a piece of me

But then there won’t be
On earth a piece of me

writing new poems. i am currently dealing with severe abuse, emotional, verbal, financial (now taken back my finances)
people post happy things online but you never know what they are truly dealing with
people who are supposed to love you the most sometimes are your greatest enemy. pure hate, physical threats, intimidation, theft. lies, slander, accusations, that are lies, so great, my life could be forever ruined

i am packing my shit and trying to move away from this abuse, and when i am safe, i will be publishing a new book on family abuse. but for now, here is one of the poems