Of Voids and Skulls

Billions before me
Few remembered
Even less as time passes by

Suffering and greed
Pain and hunger
Hate and more

A never-ending cycle
Make it stop
Please I implore

All this for what?
To disappear
To be forgotten?

My chest is a void
A void racked with pain
Is there nothing to gain?

Doing kind deeds for others
That’s good indeed
And what of me?

Make others happy

When this void stays
Will it be filled someday?

To leave a legacy
However small it may be
At least there will be
A piece of me

To be remembered
Is all I want
To not be another nameless skull
Left to decay

What is the purpose
Of all this strife
If I am not remembered
In the after life

– from Of Voids and Skulls