My Land

Let the leaves turn brown
As the wind flies north
For the thoughts and tides
That takes me forth

Though I feel the pull
Of my land calling me
I walk towards it
Wherever I may be

They say that I don’t know
Which way I have to go
I say let it be
I don’t need to know

For I know enough
That on this earth’s double dome
Whichever road you take
It’ll always lead you home

They call upon my wisdom
They call up on my pride
But I have my faith
Riding by my side

For all of the laws
That I may not abide
Would be made up by the love
In my heart that reside

For the lands call me close
All sweet and humming
I pay the price
I ride the roads
Just to say
My land, I’m coming

Fahim Mostafa
Torn Page Diaries…