In the realm of cosmic dreams, I’ll weave a tale,
Where time and space in rapture set their sail.
Before the stars, before the galaxies’ grand art,
In cosmic symphony, the universe did start.
Infinite darkness, a canvas of the void,
A whisper of a thought, a spark to be enjoyed.
A singularity, a point, a seed of all we know,
From this infinitesimal heart, the universe would grow.
A burst of light, a cosmic kiss, creation’s sweet embrace,
Explosions of stardust, in the vastness of space.
The dance of atoms, a celestial ballet,
Invisible threads of destiny, forever they’d sway.
Nebulas swirled in vibrant hues, a painter’s wildest dream,
Planets and moons emerged, a celestial team.
Galaxies spun, their spirals so divine,
Each a part of the tapestry, in the grand design.
Time unfurled, like a river’s gentle flow,
Eons passed, and life began to grow.
From primordial soup to creatures, small and grand,
The universe’s story written by its hand.
In the beauty of chaos, in the order of the stars,
The universe’s origins, a tale that leaves no scars.
For we are stardust, in this cosmic waltz we partake,
A love story of creation, in every breath we take.
So gaze upon the night sky, with wonder in your eyes,
For in its depths, the universe’s secrets lie.
In the poetry of existence, in the cosmos’ grand art,
We find the origins of the universe, a masterpiece of the heart.