In the heart of an endless night,
Where stars whisper tales of light,
A silent melody takes flight,
Woven from the dreams so bright.

Beneath the moon’s soft, silver gaze,
The world lies quiet, lost in a haze,
And in this tranquil, shadowed glaze,
Time itself seems to pause and laze.

Through the woods, where secrets dwell,
And stories too wild to tell,
The wind sings a spell,
Where magic and moonlight swell.

Upon a field of emerald green,
Unseen wonders yet to be seen,
Where thoughts and fantasies convene,
A realm where the heart is keen.

In the depth of the ocean’s heart,
Where mysteries from the dark depart,
And every ending finds its start,
Love and sorrow, not apart.

Across the sky, a comet streaks,
Carrying hopes and the dreams it seeks,
For every soul that silently speaks,
Of strength found in moments meek.

In this world, both vast and small,
Where moments rise and empires fall,
The greatest tale told to all,
Is of love’s enduring call.

So let this poem be a key,
To unlock the heart and set it free,
A reminder of what can be,
When we live, dream, and simply be.