In the autumn’s tender grace, we find our night,
A Halloween enchantment, stars burning bright,
A tapestry of costumes, woven tales we share,
In this season’s magic, we find a world to dare.
With pumpkins’ grinning faces, carved with care,
They light our path through the crisp, cool air,
Children’s laughter echoes in the haunted streets,
As the ancient spirits wake, their secrets sweet.
Cobweb curtains veil the moon’s pale glow,
A haunted wind whispers secrets we know,
Skeletons dance in the midnight hour,
And werewolves howl with spectral power.
Ghosts of history, they rise from the past,
In this realm of shadows, where memories last,
We don our masks, our true selves we hide,
In the realm of make-believe, we let our fears subside.
A masquerade of ghouls and witches, we partake,
In the magic of the night, we’re wide awake,
For on this eve of spook and mystery,
We become the legends of our Halloween history.
In unity, we find strength, our voices strong,
Together we rise, a diverse throng,
In this season of change, we transcend our fright,
Embracing the enchantment of Halloween night.
So, let us celebrate the beauty we’ve seen,
In the moonlit wonder of this Halloween scene,
For in our collective dreams, we will rise,
Beyond the darkness, toward brighter skies.