In slumber’s grasp, I bid adieu to Sunday’s grace,
Awakening to Monday’s brisk, demanding chase.
With coffee’s warmth, I greet the dawn’s first ray,
Grateful heart, yet anxious for the week’s display.
The cup’s embrace, a soothing, steaming brew,
As thoughts of tasks and trials start to accrue.
But deep within, a quiet ember glows,
A steadfast faith that through the chaos, strength will flow.
The world outside may wear a stern facade,
A daunting journey on this Monday’s road.
Yet every setback is a chance to grow,
For life’s rough path is where resilience can bestow.
With a spirit steadfast as my guiding star,
I’ll face this Monday, no matter what lies afar.
For in each struggle, though my heart may sway,
With courage and resolve, I’ll find my way.
monday motivation