In bed, I lay, eyes drifting far and wide,
Staring at pictures upon the walls, they confide,
Each frame whispers tales of days gone by,
Memories and dreams, they never truly die.

A sunset captured in hues of golden light,
Reminds me of moments, so vivid, so bright,
A portrait of laughter, frozen in time’s embrace,
Eternal echoes of joy, in this tranquil space.

Faces of loved ones, their smiles serene,
In their gaze, a world of solace, unseen,
I linger in this haven, where time suspends its flight,
Lost in reverie, amidst the stillness of the night.

The walls become a canvas, painted with my dreams,
A gallery of emotions, flowing in silent streams,
And as I lie here, in this silent reverie,
The pictures on the walls, they speak to me.

So I’ll stay here a while, lost in their embrace,
For in these quiet moments, I find my solace and grace,
Lying in bed, gazing at pictures on the wall,
In their stories and beauty, I find my all.