In a world of vibrant, animated delight,
Lives Tippy the Tea Cup, a charming sight.
With rubber hose curves and a retro style,
Filled with green tea, he’ll make you smile.
Tippy’s heart is as warm as the brew he holds,
In a world of kindness, his story unfolds.
He loves to assist, to lend a hand,
In a whimsical world, where dreams expand.
With a twinkle in his saucer eyes so bright,
He spreads joy from morning to night.
A sip of compassion, a sip of cheer,
Tippy the Tea Cup, always near.
In the realm of toons, where laughter plays,
Tippy’s the hero in so many ways.
A friend to all, in this world so grand,
Tippy’s love and care, in this colorful land.
tippy tea