sometimes my fight or flight dilemma
ratchets up so high my heart explodes
into an imaginary sky where i wonder
will i die? yes of course! we all will die
i better not say that d word again
it worries the story book ferries
and all the stories that they carry

someone said no one is better than you
you are no better than them
i am no better than you
we are no better that we
yet the rich get richer
and the poor get poorer
thanks to cheating, stealing, and horror

oh the horror of a starving child
as a billionaire launches his rockets
or a corrupt king who cannot lose
thanks to followers lining his pockets
i worry about what may be in store
since nothing’s shocking anymore
and truth is nothing but mythical lore

schools aren’t safe
hunger is real
liars are worshipped
the art of the deal
money is King
viruses make us ill

yet i’m still afraid to say the “a” word
for fear of subconscious judgment
and so to the skies i go, like a bird
where i’m free to love and explore
where i think and write and paint and sing
and live inside my head like a king
oh how i love, love, LOVE to daydream