everything is clearly there
yet clearly not sharp
thoughts compete
for my love
if only they knew
i love them all
for they are me
and i they

i rub my eyes
and think…
to bed
i haven’t reached enlightenment
how can i dream
when i haven’t lived?

You feel i’ve lived…
if you want psychodrama
go to the local theatre
my stage is closed —
out of business
for a remodel
so i can flip this house
and get rich quick

woe to the poor soul
who moves in
i look good from paint
freshly added
along with Raid equivalence
to kill the bugs
that live within
my tired head

everything is clearly blurry
the physical and the meta
the words on my screen
and the direction i will go…
frost tried to warn me
but the less-traveled road
could end with me homeless
or worse

things are fine
i stare blankly

shaking my head
to shake off the