In whispers hushed, the pulse takes flight,
Eager steps in veiled twilight,
Unseen chords in the symphony’s thrall,
A breath held tight, awaiting the call,
An unseen script, a waiting sprawl.

Silent yearning, a canvas wide,
In every thought, a hidden guide,
An echoed beat, a restless spree,
A fervent wish, unchained and free,
Mystery bound in destiny’s decree.

In every glance, a future’s gaze,
Unspoken hopes in winding maze,
A heartbeat’s pace, a fervent drum,
A journey’s start, a song unsung,
Time’s secret race, its tale begun.

The silent murmurs, a subtle spark,
A whispered wish in the unknown dark,
A restless spirit, a yearning flame,
A nameless longing, without a claim,
A silent overture, without a name.