**1. Understand the Structure:**
* A Villanelle consists of 19 lines divided into five tercets (three-line stanzas) followed by a final quatrain (four-line stanza).
* The first and third lines of the opening tercet are alternately repeated as the last lines of the following tercets and also form the final two lines of the poem in a specific pattern.

**2. Choose Your Refrain Lines:**
* Select two lines that will be repeated throughout the poem. These lines will create the Villanelle’s refrain.

**3. Establish the Rhyme Scheme:**
* The Villanelle follows the rhyme scheme ABA ABA ABA ABA ABA ABAA.
* “A” represents the first and third lines (the refrains), and “B” represents the remaining lines.

**4. Create the Structure:**
* Write the first tercet with your chosen refrains (A1 and A2).
* Then, follow with tercets using the rhyme scheme (ABA) and repeat A1 and A2 alternately as the last lines of each tercet.
* Finally, end with a quatrain where A1 and A2 both appear again as the last two lines.

**5. Maintain Consistency and Flow:**
* Retain the meter and rhythm throughout the poem for coherence and fluidity.
* Let the repeated lines take on new meanings or nuances in different contexts to add depth to the poem.

**Example of a Villanelle:**

**Title: Embers of the Night**

In shadows deep, the embers softly glow (A1) 
A dance of flames that flicker in the night (B) 
In shadows deep, the embers softly glow (A2) 

The darkness hides the secrets that we sow (A1) 
A tale untold, a whispered, haunting sight (B) 
In shadows deep, the embers softly glow (A2) 

Through fleeting dreams where fantasies may flow (A1) 
Reality succumbs to the twilight (B) 
In shadows deep, the embers softly glow (A2) 

With every dusk, new stories start to grow (A1) 
Their warmth and light embrace the world so tight (B) 
In shadows deep, the embers softly glow (A2) 

As morning breaks, the fire starts to wane (A1) 
Yet memories linger in the fading light (B) 
In shadows deep, the embers softly glow (A2) 

In this example, notice how the lines A1 and A2 are alternately repeated in the specified pattern while adhering to the rhyme scheme (ABA) throughout the poem.

Remember, Villanelle’s structure can be both challenging and rewarding. Allow your chosen refrains to guide the poem’s theme, and let the repetition create a haunting, echoing effect, enriching the overall impact of your creation.

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