A ghazal consists of couplets (shers) linked by a repeated refrain (radif) at the end of each couplet’s second line. While thematically divergent, the couplets are united by the radif’s repetition.

* Couplets (minimum 5, typically 6-15 couplets)
* First couplet has both lines ending with the rhyming phrase (radif)
* Each subsequent couplet’s second line ends with the radif
* Rhyme scheme: AA, bA, cA, dA, etc.
* Each couplet expresses a distinct idea/imagery
* Final couplet includes the poet’s signature (takhallus)

1. Choose a rhyming phrase as the radif e.g. “social media’s glow”
2. Write the opening couplet introducing the radif and tone
e.g. “Scrolling endlessly, our minds in tow / Curated lives in social media’s glow”
3. Compose couplets as self-contained units ending with the radif
e.g. “Likes and comments our modern rainbow / Truth obscured by social media’s glow”
4. Connect couplets loosely with rhyme/radif or let them diverge completely 
5. Include your signature in the final couplet
e.g. “This digital path I continue to know / Footprints fading in social media’s glow”
6. Revise and refine vivid imagery, metaphors, and poem’s cohesion

Example Poem:

Endless feeds of others’ joy, raw
Curated lives in social media’s glow 

My screen-lit face, digital veneer
Hidden flaws in social media’s glow

Carefully angled, filtered peace
Reality warped by social media’s glow 

Envious pangs at friends’ success 
Green framed in social media’s glow

This false bliss, comments call it real
Insecurity’s camouflage in social media’s glow

Though I try to break this digital spell
My eyes are drawn to social media’s glow

This Jack of pixels, lost without his screen 
My Name fades in social media’s glow

The radif “social media’s glow” ties each couplet’s vivid imagery and modern themes about the allure yet disconnection of our digital lives. The final couplet brings in the poet’s signature “Jack” to complete the ghazal form.