Discover a treasure trove of literary gems with our curated guide to ten exceptional online literary magazines that are not only brimming with compelling literature but are also welcoming of submissions throughout the year. And the best part? Accessing these literary delights won’t cost you a penny.

A golden tip for aspiring contributors: immerse yourself in the essence of each magazine to ensure your piece aligns with their publication ethos before submitting your masterpiece.


Spotlighting fiction, poetry, and essays, Hobart enriches the literary scene daily with web-centric narratives. Esteemed for its contributions to notable anthologies such as O. Henry and Best American Short Fiction, Hobart is a beacon of excellence. Dive into their unique Sunday feature, “Rejected Modern Love Essays,” for an intriguing read, such as Sarah Ruth Bates’s compelling essay. Engage with Hobart’s vibrant community on Twitter @hobartpulp for sneak peeks and updates.

**Gone Lawn**

A haven for the avant-garde, Gone Lawn celebrates fiction and prose poetry that dare to defy conventions. From dictionary-style narratives to interactive tales, their collection is a testament to literary innovation. For those eager for prompt feedback, Gone Lawn is renowned for its swift response times.

**Bourbon Penn**

Delving into the realms of the unusual, Bourbon Penn’s pages are filled with stories that blur the boundaries of reality, embracing genres from slipstream to surrealism. For a taste of the peculiar, peruse features from their 20th issue. Though they seek exclusive submissions, they compensate their contributors generously.


FRiGG invites writers to share their most authentic stories, whether fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry. Their digital platform transforms biannually, offering a fresh aesthetic with each issue. Experience a spectrum of genuine narratives, from family sagas to epic historical tales, by exploring their extensive archives.

**African Voices**

Championing the rich diversity of the African Diaspora, African Voices is a sanctuary for stories from Black writers and people of color. Since 1992, this non-profit has fused literary excellence with cultural celebration. Delve into their offerings for free online, with a nod to supporting their mission if possible.


Monkeybicycle embraces an eclectic mix of short stories, upholding a tradition of publishing distinguished voices like Roxane Gay. Their unique Wednesday one-sentence stories are a quick literary escape worth exploring.

20 Contrary Years: A Selection

Contrary appeals to the rebels of the literary world, seeking works that challenge and intrigue. Their selection ranges from the whimsical to the profound, making no room for the ordinary. Contributors can anticipate an honorarium for their published pieces.


With a penchant for the schematic, Diagram merges art and literature in a celebration of process and form. Whether you lean towards traditional poetry or experimental prose, Diagram provides a platform for innovative storytelling that reflects on the mechanics of life.


Under the stewardship of Michelle Tudor, Wildness quests for narratives that venture into the uncharted territories of the human experience. Since its inception, this journal has been a showcase for evocative fiction and poetry, accepting submissions on a continuous basis.


Dedicated to the artistry of fiction, Craft dissects and admires the craftsmanship behind storytelling. Whether you specialize in short fiction, critical essays, or literary analyses, Craft offers a stage for writers to share their expertise. With a commitment to supporting BIPOC voices, Craft ensures a diverse and enriching reading experience.

Embark on a journey through these platforms, each a gateway to unparalleled literary adventures, and seize the opportunity to contribute to their ever-evolving narratives.