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Slander (title WIP)

Slander (title WIP) There are voices in my head Sometimes they say I should be dead There is nothin...
alexpuffle Verified
16 hours ago
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not again

not again too many times i’ve trusted first and regretted last those that have earned my trust h...
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Cold pillows await

Cold pillows await Soon to cause Goosebumps Wrinkled sheets hold Memories of past Nights A fan whirs...
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enough all i’ve ever wanted is to have enough i don’t want more, not too much - just enough time...
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retrouvailles every time i see you i move towards you feet stepping higher faster mouth curling i...
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travel hangover

travel hangover flight delays, the bane of all travelers, have worn me out, but love i have missed ...
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flower crown tanka

flower crown tanka some dried lavender in my backpack, fragment of last year’s flower crown worn o...
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patchouli drifts around

patchouli drifts around blossoms catch the scent spring whispers through smoke
Jessica Verified
4 days ago
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traveling fragment

traveling fragment suffering from a pre-trip insomnia that woke me hours early maybe i can just sl...
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In bed, I lay, eyes drifting far and wide

In bed, I lay, eyes drifting far and wide, Staring at pictures upon the walls, they confide, Each ...
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