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An apple sits on the table

An apple sits on the table, quietly, with a skin of gentle red, a blush of morning sun.It is...
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vernal breeze whispers

vernal breeze whispers squirrel scampers, tulip blooms nature's dance unfurls
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Cold pillows await

Cold pillows await Soon to cause Goosebumps Wrinkled sheets hold Memories of past Nights A fan whirs...
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In bed, I lay, eyes drifting far and wide

In bed, I lay, eyes drifting far and wide, Staring at pictures upon the walls, they confide, Each ...
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The midnight hour chimes, yet slumber flees

The midnight hour chimes, yet slumber flees My restless mind, a tempest in the night, Consumed b...
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Breath stills, mind clears. Presence blossoms in silence's embrace. _Peace_.#10words
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A Secret Stirs

Beneath the soil, a secret stirs, A tiny seed its slumber blurs. With warmth's caress and nature's c...
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Greed—devouring space between souls, shadows lengthen— gold’s whis...
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snow-draped bug slumbers

snow-draped bug slumbers winter's hush a silent muse life rests cold and still#haiku
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The day after

The day after gifts, laughter fades its tune, Boxes empty, echoes in an empty room. Yet joy lingers,...
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