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Inside My Head

_*Inside my head*_I feel your touch Your soft hands Entwined in mine... And these shivers ...
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Yours in every way

Yours in every waySilence isn't silent to me It's just your sweet voice Blindness isn't dark to me...
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My Land

My LandLet the leaves turn brown As the wind flies north For the thoughts and tides That takes me...
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Memories of Desire

Memories of DesireI think of the time When we ran with wind With the breeze that found your hair T...
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Never Love Again

Never Love AgainI'm tired of crying for a long lost soul I'm tired of being such a molten ghoul I...
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Never Met You

Never Met YouI wish I never met you At least I wouldn't know you And even if I had I wish never kn...
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Serena!!!Oh Serena Hold me while I'm crying Oh Serena Save me now, I'm dyingI'm crawling cause I...
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