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In the corner

In the corner of my small room the lamp—not the sun but its mimic shaped by handsand wires— glow...
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Although I know

Although I know What I worry about Is not important I still worryAlthough I know The things I do...
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Repost: A Secret Stirs

Beneath the soil, a secret stirs, A tiny seed its slumber blurs. With warmth's caress and nature's c...
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Lemon and Apple

A lemon and apple, quite bold, Sat together in a bowl, I'm told. Said Lemon, "We're quite a pair, Wi...
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a star appears close to earth

a star appears close to earth the sky blushes birds cheer them on#haiku
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Flames whisper

Flames whisper, unseen, In hearts, wild, keen. Shadows dance, merge, Desire's endless surge. Chaos s...
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On Friday’s eve, the skies alight, a beacon to the free

On Friday's eve, the skies alight, a beacon to the free, The workweek's chains unbind at last, the ...
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AI and poetry

This extends to other forms of writing and not just poetry, but since this is a poetry site, what ar...
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Ocean waves whisper secrets untold

Ocean waves whisper secrets untold, Crystal waters shimmering gold, Enchanting depths, mysteries u...
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In the realm of cosmic dreams, I’ll weave a tale

<p>In the realm of cosmic dreams, I'll weave a tale,<br /> Where time and space in rapture set their...
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