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10 Famous Free Verse Poets

Free verse poetry has captivated the literary world by freeing poets from the constraints of traditi...
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waking up every hour

waking up every hour wishing i had the power to sleep through night without a fight what a glorious ...
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We just launched a new feature here: Post Revision HistoryWhen viewing a post, if you are the po...
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We Are Stars

like moths we gather at sunrise and sunset proof we are stars
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Let’s Research the Hell Out of: Robert Frost

Welcome to the "Let's Research the Hell Out of" series where I share information about something rel...
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feeling down and out

feeling down and out i sit down to write a poem the poem you’re reading the poem i’m feedingmaybe ...
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just woke up

i think i needcoffee
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What is Poetry?

Poetry is one of the most ancient and revered forms of literary expression, transcending cultures, e...
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through frosted glass–the moon

through frosted glass--the moon as i step into refrigeration preserving plants until the dog days of...
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something nags

something nags it’s almost indescribable i love it not that it’s necessarily positive but that ...
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